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Machine Learning Playground.
Code Driven.

For anyone interested in learning Machine Learning from scratch.
Available in Java and Python.


Designed to explain.

ML code from scratch
with visualizations. Understand the inner workings.


Machine Learning Models.

Neural networks available.
Genetic Algorithms, Support Vector Machines, and more in development.


Examples, examples, examples!

A large repository of examples with small introductory cases, academic studies, and real world examples.

Who is it for?

Frameworks like PyTorch or Google’s tensorflow are easy to use, high level ML, hiding a lot of the internal complexity. However, in order to get a deep understanding of how ML really works, they are not the best choice.

MLPG is aimed at everyone who likes to code and is interested in knowing what’s happening under the hood.

How to start?

Getting started is really easy:

    1. git checkout the framework (java or python)
    2. Run some of the examples
    3. Start on your own example
    4. Use the documentation or subreddit for questions and suggestions

Featured Examples

Now let’s get working on your projects!

Either visit us on our subreddit to know more, browse the documentation, or just go ahead and set up your development environment.